IT company in the USA

US LLCs can be some of the best legal tools for non-resident entrepreneurs to conduct their business, provided a few key points are met, which we describe below. Of the entire list of jurisdictions, it is the US company that requires the most attention to its operations in order to maximize the potential benefit from using such a structure.

LLCs provide access to all the benefits of one of the world’s leading economies while maintaining a low tax rate.

Benefits of choosing US LLC:

Prestigious jurisdiction;
Low setup and maintenance costs;
Fast account opening.

LLC is a transit or tax transparent entity. This means the LLC is not directly taxed. Instead, the tax liability of the business is passed on to the owners. They then report them on their personal tax returns at their place of residence.

Company registration is possible in all 50 states, so you need to take into account the specific tasks of your business in order to choose the best option. Some of the individual state differences become less important when you run your LLC as a non-resident company outside the United States. For example, the difference in government tax rates is irrelevant, since you most likely will not be required to pay it on profits from foreign sources. Let’s consider which state is still optimal for the IT industry, taking into account the following criteria:

Formation and maintenance costs of LLC;
Annual franchise tax (a constant duty paid to the government to keep the company in good condition. Failure to pay this tax usually results in liquidation);

There are states that allow anonymous LLCs. These same states are also among the states with the easiest and most cost-effective registration process: Wyoming, Delaware. Such companies allow you to create LLCs while keeping your name out of public records and registries. Let’s take a closer look at a company in Delaware. Such companies are not 100% anonymous, of course. The registration agent should always know who is behind the LLC and disclose this information to the government when requested.

According to current trends, Delaware is the most popular state for IT companies. The state does not require listing the names of LLC members and managers.

Note: No matter what structure you use to register your LLC, you need to obtain a tax number to open an account. If you wish to register for an EIN, which you will need to receive banking services and process payments in the United States, you will need to disclose information to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This information does not become public.

The official Delaware registration fee is $ 90 (one-time) Additional costs may arise if documents are apostilled to open an account outside the United States.