IT company in the UK

One of the simplest jurisdictions in the context of management, but at the same time one of the most respectable. A highly developed, politically, legislative and economically stable country that is suitable for almost any type of IT business, be it a food company, traffic arbitrage or marketing. Suitable for a startup.


Is not an offshore, is not included in the black lists of offshore zones and does not fall under the rules on transfer pricing in the CIS;

Corporate tax is 19%, it can be optimized;

Information about shareholders, directors and beneficiaries is publicly available;

Submission of reports to the tax authorities is mandatory;

A bank account for a company can only be opened outside the UK if you are not a UK resident. It is possible to open a current account in the payment system. In this case, you get a company and an account in the same country. There may be options with opening an account in the UK, but then the director is a resident of the UK, who opens the account as an official;

Shareholder – at least one, natural or legal person. There are no residency requirements;

Director – at least one, individual. There are no residency requirements; A secretary is not required;

The minimum authorized capital has not been established.

The registration process itself is one of the easiest in the world. The income statement is submitted once a year; the process of filing tax returns also does not cause unnecessary problems. If the activity is simple and straightforward, opening an account is not a problem. Great Britain is one of the few favorable countries for non-residents at the moment, which does not bring additional worries, but simply allows you to work and engage in your business process.