IT company in Ireland

Ireland is home to such IT giants as Google, Microsoft, Apple. But this does not mean at all that all IT specialists should quickly register in Ireland. Their agreements with the government and tax authorities will not apply to you.

You should always consider your specific task. A problem with different conditions will have a different solution. The main features of this solution: The country has a good image; An account in Ireland can only be opened if there is a resident director. There are payment institutions in Ireland.

A company such as Ltd is well received by payment institutions from other countries; A company type Ltd in Ireland does not fall into the category of Controlled Foreign Companies in the light of the adopted CFC legislation in Ukraine (Law 1210), since the corporate tax rate is more than 13%;

Companies are required to pass an audit, but small businesses are exempted from auditing and submit financial statements; The maintenance of an Irish company is more expensive than the annual maintenance of an English and Cypriot company, especially if a substitution is needed.