IT company in Estonia

Estonia fell in love with many IT specialists due to its progressiveness and adaptability to global trends, and, of course, due to the possibility of having zero taxation.

Key features of the jurisdiction: Corporate income tax is 0%, the obligation to pay 20% of the tax arises only as a result of profit distribution; There is no capital gains tax in Estonia, it is considered part of the company’s income and is taxed only at the time of distribution of profits;

Simple reporting (only those companies should be audited that meet at least 2 of 3 criteria, net sales of 2 million euros or more, balance sheet volume of 1 million euros or more, average number of employees is more than 30 people).

There is no obligation to pay a member of the board (director) of the company and, accordingly, there is no requirement for its minimum size; The authorized capital does not have to be paid, it is enough to simply declare it, the minimum is 2500 EUR; The high image of the jurisdiction allows you to open accounts in the EU.

A small minus – an account for an Estonian company in Estonia can only be opened if there are Estonian counterparties, a real office and employees. The bank sees the real activity of the company, in the absence of payments for taxation of salaries, rent payments, etc. the bank will close the account.

There are no Estonian payment institutions. Therefore, the option “company and account in one country” is not available in this case; You have the opportunity to register any domain name in the European domain zones (eu, ee, es, etc.). Due to the fact that the jurisdiction is inexpensive, you can easily relocate your office to it and, as a result, apply for a residence permit.