Best Possibilities

2020 has been in many ways a very unpleasant year for the international economy. In view of the current situation in the world, most areas of business stagnate, some lose their relevance completely and suffer losses, but any crisis is always an opportunity for someone, for someone a final stop. In this article, we would like to consider the IT industry, for which a crisis that no one foresaw has become a period of opportunity.

The IT sphere has been developing in its own way for a long time: if you are a good and experienced specialist, you will receive good offers; remote work practice; going beyond the templates of office “etiquette” – all these principles have long become the norm. In view of this, the quarantine had the least impact on people who are already accustomed to working at home, where it is convenient for them, and not in the office.

Given the increased demand for everything that is done online (games, online cinemas, online stores and other Internet projects), the IT sector, which serves all this, has even more work to do.

Where is the best place to start an IT company / startup in 2020? Let’s take a closer look. Consider the following countries as good options for IT business:

Great Britain;