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VMC is a new blockchain platform designed for the future of human mobility. A decentralized solution for a trillion dollar market.

At VMC, we believe people should have the right to move freely, quickly, and anonymously — whilst paying fair prices for their movement. Similarly, providers of human mobility should receive fair prices, be able to make their service as convenient as possible and have access to an open market.

The team is committed to provide this to a global audience in a peer-to-peer marketplace for human mobility.

In this marketplace, individuals or corporations are free to connect any vehicle and/or build applications that offer mobility services. As a mobility provider you gain free access to a large pool of potential clients. 

As a passenger, you gain access to a wide variety of mobility services such as public transport, ride-sharing or vehicle-renting.

To ensure network effects and sustainable growth of the marketplace, VMC leverages a token segregation strategy.

In the Dual Token structure, VAI is used to fuel the transactions in the network and VMC-ST represents economic ownership of the network in the form of pro-rata profit rights.

The (utility token) VAI is a stable coin pegged to the Euro at 100 VAI per €1.00 and is not used as an investment unit. 

The (security token) VMC-ST represents economic ownership in the form of pro-rata profit rights in the company (vmc.ai b.v.). VMC-ST tokens are the financial success of the project and may be used for investing and trading purposes.