Rayan Goutay

Rayan Goutay

General Counsel at Gatex

Rayan is an international and financial lawyer by training, holding a Masters degree from the University of Pantheon-Sorbonne Paris 1, he spent some time at the International Chamber of Commerce learning about arbitration and counterparty risk in derivatives markets.

For the last decade, he has been advising regulators and well-known financial institutions. He always talk to their leaders about the pressing need to re-invent operating procedures and business practises as a result of the connected economy, Rayan also encourages them to sometimes park policies and procedures and think outside the box to develop new strategic initiatives in line with new technologies.

Rayan always has an eye on new trends that could determine the future of the financial industry and has been following the rise of distributed ledger technology. From 2015 he has been advising exchanges built for cryptographic tokens and start-ups building blockchain-based protocols or decentralised applications for the peer-to-peer economy.


He has also been dedicating pro bono time for the development of Meritt Protocol to enable communities, individuals and SMEs to design, issue and distribute their own smart token.