Brice Achkir, Ph.D

Brice Achkir, Ph.D

Cisco Distinguished Eng. /Sr. Director, Cisco Systems

Brice Achkir, Ph.D. is a Cisco Distinguished Engineer and Senior Engineering Director in Advanced Technology in Supply Chain organization at Cisco Systems.

His focus has been on large-scale, global impact initiatives, e.g., most recently, high-speed architectures, the “Internet of Everything in the ‘Factory of The Future” and Blockchain technology.

Brice has received multiple awards and recognitions as an international thought leader in his areas of expertise. He is an Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Fellow. IEEE. He is also a Photonics Society Fellow, and a Communications Society Fellow and EMC Fellow. Brice also received the IEEE Technical Achievement Award for the Electromagnetics Compatibility (EMC) society. 

Brice holds numerous patents in areas of high-speed architecture/design electrical and photonic, signal/Power integrity and supply chain technologies. 

He actively leads and contributes in international standards groups, e.g., IEEE, ITU-T and IPC standards study groups, leading to successful acceptance of new global standards.  Also actively involved in international consortia; where he is the chair of HDPug and IUCRC consortia. 

Brice holds a B.S. in Applied Physics, an M.S. in Physics/Electrical Engineering, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science, Ph.D. in Applied Physics. He lives in San Jose, California.