Karthik Iyer

Karthik Iyer

Ambassador, P2P Foundation

Karthik Iyer is the founder and CEO of BlockchainMonk, Asias first end-to end Blockchain and Crypto Research Think Tank. He was recently featured in the top 200 fintech influencers in Asia.

He has been widely recognized for his strengths in deploying next-gen distributed ledgers, smart contracts and other crypto assets. He is an ambassadors of the P2P foundation  the worlds largest think tank on the decentralization revolution. He has mentored dozens of blockchain, DAO and AI firms around the world and has built, scaled and deployed cutting-edge fintech solutions for fortune 100 companies. He is regularly featured in major media sites such as The Economic Times, Forbes. The Economist as well as popular TV series “The Future of Money”."

He holds close to half dozen degrees in technology, research and management from leading schools in Europe and Asia like KTH in Sweden, BI Norwegian Business School in Norway and Fudan University in China. He has over a decade of experience working for large technology firms such as Red Hat, Novell and Sun Microsystems and has successfully ran various hi-tech ventures in the past.