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Global Health and Travel Intro

Global Health and Travel was founded in 2010 and is the only medical tourism/medical magazine distributed regionally. 

The distribution is focused on premium channels, highlighted by in-flight and lounge presence across Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Garuda and more.


The offline presence is strengthened a growing industry events arm, highlighted by the annual Global Health and Travel Awards and Conference.

These activities are complimented by a strong digital footprint across social media channels, having a following of over 85,000 and significantly wider reach.


Global Health and Travel’s focus is on the Medical traveller who moves from Indonesia, India, China and the region into Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. 

The firm is now the concierge for MasterCard and their base of 120m cardholders regionally, with campaigns being rolled out by individual banks in an ongoing banner.



HealthFyx Intro

HealthFyx was established in 2017, focused on technology development for providers. 

The vision was a platform built ground-up, for future patient-provider process flows built around engagement, information and transactions. 

One that would not compromise on security, bring operational efficiencies and allow for seamless cross-speciality collaboration.

All whilst empowering and putting the patient at the centre of every decision matrix. 


HealthFyx is the first firm to have provided blockchain as a service, bridging distributed ledger technology, system architecture, application development and practical implementation.