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How blockchain is revolutionizing supply chain management

Nearly all of the world’s leading companies run computerized enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management software. From connected manufacturing equipment to digital shipping notices and RFID scanning, products are tracked on computerized systems from their earliest origins, often all the way to the recycling bin. Yet despite this huge investment in digital infrastructure, most companies have only limited visibility and insight into where all their products are at any given moment.

The Founders Handbook - Your guide to getting started with blockchain

With so many new and exciting advances in blockchain, there has never been a better time to leverage this emerging technology. This second edition of The Founder’s Handbook is meant to provide you with insights and best practices on all of the topics you’ll need to address when founding a network, including brand new content on smart contracts, tokens, and legal considerations.

“Consensus is the key to make blockchain go mainstream.” – Ervin Zhuang, CFO, ACG Network

The unmissable Blockchain Summit Singapore will open its doors on the 28th August at Suntec, Singapore. Over 700 attendees will join 65+ speakers to discuss the impact Blockchain is having on industry.

“Blockchain technology allows us to realize the vision of creating an online infrastructure for financial functions.” – Dejun Qian, Visionary & Principal, FUSION Foundation

The FUSION foundation is a non for profit entity developing a public blockchain that will serve as a backbone and infrastructure for the future of Cryptofinance. The FUSION blockchain will allow cross-chain transactions as well as mapping of off-chain assets via it's powerful and flexible smart contracts that can be triggered by off-chain events, time-based triggers, and others. FUSION is registered in Singapore with much of it's operations located in Shanghai. We actively seek cooperations and partnerships with financial institutions and service providers who are interested in implementing parts of their business operations on the blockchain, 3rd party developers, and all interested members of the blockchain community.

Tolar HashNET: Beyond Blockchain Technology

The arrival of the blockchain technology introduced many advantages to the world making its potential huge. It allowed many computers to take part in a network, distributing the computing power, which helped reduce the risk in any tampering, fraud or cyber-crime. Furthermore, it allowed different parties to believe that transactions between them are indeed real and valuable. With immutable records of transactions this also ensured a possibility for a massive range of digital transactions to happen without any central authority. With significant reduction of monopolies or middle men, this also removed a lot of costs from the equation. Blockchain also ensured immutability, as any transaction can be confirmed and shared across the distributed network, while almost impossible to undo.